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Need bird proofing services? Pacific Pest Control team is 24/7 active and uses bird netting, anti-perch devices, bird-wire systems, and various sound systems to eradicate problems caused by the birds. All those common birds – Sparrow, Seagulls, Pigeons, Indian Myna, and Common Starlings are found everywhere, especially at-Derelict buildings, under solar panels, ledges, and rooftops, hence their removal becomes necessary before it is too late. Additionally, these birds are known for spreading diseases, droppings, making too much noise, and creating a huge mess. Due to excessive noise and large amounts of droppings, it easily affects the look and feel of the property as well as causes severe property damage.

How We Can Help?

Our bird blocking Melbourne experts believe that there is no ‘one size fits all” solution, and they always listen to the clients to provide custom solutions. When you contact us about your bird control problem, we take a number of factors into account including- the type of the property, species of bird involved, specific problems being caused, and many others to provide quick help. We provide a wide range of bird pest control Melbourne solutions, including:

Bird Spikes

This is one of the most effective, proven, and robust systems available, designed for areas of heavy infestation. Via this method, our experts can easily prevent property perching and roosting birds from landing on any corner, using this control measure. For pigeon pest control Melbourne, we provide single row for narrow ledges to wider multi rows, making it difficult for pigeons and other birds to land and it is effective in moving them somewhere else without harming them.

Bird Netting

Our bird net is an effective bird deterrent solution, providing a discreet and ultimate barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds. We provide high-quality bird nettings, which are constructed from heavy-duty, non-stretch, and fully protected against the damage that can be caused by UV light.

Bird Shock Treatment For Bird Control Melbourne, this is the best electric bird deterrent, or called a low voltage bird scarer device, proven to be effective, but does not harm the birds. Our electric bird deterrent device can easily damper the birds from roosting, perching, or nesting in the property with a harmless but disturbing electric shock.

Bird Nest Removal

If you are fed up with birds nesting at your home or work premises, try our Bird nest Removal Melbourne and get 100% satisfaction. We don’t only remove nests, but also provide sanitation and disinfection to ensure contaminated areas are restored back to safe use.

Call us today and we ensure that your feathery neighbors will no longer destroy your property. And, all our services come with guarantees; also, we are insured and certified to the leading standards.

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