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Commercial Pest Control Services
Customized for your Business

Organizations are not immune to many of the issues that bug business owners. Your property is home to your business, so don’t let uninvited pests make it their home too. Your facility’s uniqueness demands a custom-designed pest management program.

Here at Pacific Pest Control, we understand that the success of your business depends on building trust. Whether you are in property management, healthcare, education, or food service business, problems with pests can quickly tarnish your company’s reputation.

We employ sustainable practices, use cutting – edge technology and rely on a humane approach. We offer businesses tailored commercial pest control services that eliminate and prevent pest infestations.

Our services include possum control, termite inspection – treatment – and control, cockroach control, rodent control, bird control, fly control and other pest solutions for businesses. We will work hard to implement the best pest control strategies for your particular property.

Let our licensed professionals help you with your commercial pest control issues.

Our Service

We can guarantee our trained professionals will be on time and handle your possum humanely. Call Now

Will conduct an inspection of the inside (including roof void) and outside of the premises. This process is must in finding possum entry routes. Once this is completed, the proposed treatment methods will be discussed with you to ensure the best possum management outcome.

The normal method of dealing with possums is to place traps, in roof voids and on the roof or ground near access points if needed. Call Now

We have expertise in bed bug elimination our treatment comes with 100% guarantee. Call Now
1. Are you being bitten in bed? 2. Do you have wheals (red bite marks) on your arms, shoulders or back? 3. Blood spotting on mattress or Mattress protector? 4. Do you travel regularly, interstate or internationally? 5. Have you stayed in backpackers or hotels that may have been infested? Call Now

We also treat all type of Crawling insets and Beetles. Ants. Centipede. Earwings. Sliverfish. Tick. Misquote. Fly's. Moths. Call Now

There are at least five types of cockroaches that are common in Michigan: American, German, Oriental, Brown-Banded, and Wood Cockroaches. Call Now
Out of the five species, the German Cockroach is the one to worry about as it likes indoor locations.

Cockroaches live and feed in unhygienic places such as sewers and drains; they feed on garbage that may be contaminated. Cockroaches will make their home wherever they find food and shelter. The main way they contaminate areas is by their droppings, spreading bacteria that cause diseases like salmonella poisoning, passing on diarrhea and dysentery. Call Now

Rodents have been a pest throughout history and continue to be a concern by contaminating food and spreading diseases, if left untreated. Call Now

When you have a rodent problem, you want them gone and you want them gone fast! However, eliminating a rodent problem is often a bit more difficult than simply buying some bait from the hardware store, throwing it in the roof void and hoping the problem will be solved. Success in controlling rats and mice comes from understanding which rodent is causing the problem, applying the appropriate treatment and correcting the conditions that allowed the rodents to enter the building in first place, such that re-infestation does not occur. Call Now

We do move out Flea treatment for Cat and dog fleas which are the most common. Call Now
Life span on dogs is typically more than 100 days — enough time for a pair of fleas and their descendants to produce millions of offspring

Some people have bad reactions to bites, while other people hardly notice them. Children may be more sensitive to flea bites than older people. Irritation, itching and rashes may occur when bitten. Call Now

Termite control methods can depending on the level of infestation, and an inspection is required to provide the best method of treatment,think you might have Termites or white ants. Don't wait for calling our professional termite treatment technicians. Call Now

Termites that cause damage to Australian homes are subterranean termites. There is another species of termites called drywood termites but generally they are not a threat.

Subterranean termites are small, soft bodied insects that build large nests in soil or trees and have underground tunnels that can reach up to 100 metres away from the nest. They cannot survive in the open.

Termites have great survival instincts and have existed for many millions of years with the most ancient species coexisting with the dinosaurs. Call Now

We give 100% guarantee for wasps removal. Call Now
The most commonly found wasp in Melbourne is the European Wasp

These aggressively nature wasps are an introduced pest and can be difficult and dangerous to eliminate. In many cases a wasp nest can contain tens of thousands of the deadly insects. They often conceal their nests within wall voids and the roof spaces of Melbourne homes. Call Now

Are you sick of being disturbed by birds nesting in your roof, dropping on your balcony and windows or dropping on your expansive shop signs. Call Now

Birds bring lice and mites. Pigeons, sparrows and starlings notoriously play host to blood-sucking parasites that cause skin irritations and disease. The pests enter your home down wall cavities and through ventilators into bedrooms in search of food. If infected, people can suffer rashes and other skin irritations. Why put your family at risk when the solution is so simple. Call Now

There are many species of ants in Melbourne and Victoria, such as the White Footed House Ant, the Odorous House Ant and the Bull Ant. Most ants are willing to travel far and wide for food, and they love entering homes and businesses. Call Now
If you’re experiencing a problem with ants and you’re seeking pest control in Melbourne to solve the problem, We can come to your property to identify the species of ant and provide effective internal and external ant control. Call Now

One of the first signs of a moth infestation is likely to be holes in fabric or clothing. Call Now
That's because moths like to lay their eggs in places where the larva will hatch and then devour fabric such as clothing, upholstery, carpeting and other fabrics. The adult moths do not eat fabric and clothing, but they will reproduce and create more larvae that will. Call Now

We can figure out how silverfish have entered your home and will get into the dark corners of closets, attics or basements to find their food source. We will also schedule and provide the right silverfish treatment for your home. Call Now

Melbourne is home to many different spiders, including both harmless and dangerous species. Call Now
For this reason, it’s recommended that you don’t try to remove a spider nest yourself. we can provide spider nest removal as well as effective spider pest control to keep you and your family safe. With our years of experience, we can identify the spider, locate its nest and make sure the problem is dealt with. Call Now

Don't wait. Get our new mosquito service and we will get to work putting your mosquito concerns behind you. Call Now
We are ready to help you get rid of Mosquitoes and prevent mosquitoes from coming back, we will also schedule and provide the right mosquito treatment for your home. Call Now

It is imperative to prevent flies from gaining access to a property. Call Now
As your fly control experts, We are trained to apply effective fly treatments outdoors as well as indoors. In some situations, we also can close fly entry points. Flies often gain entrance to buildings through open doors and dock windows.
We recommend installing self-closing doors and tight-fitting screens on windows. Call Now

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